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Dermal Fillers are injectable gel-like substances used to treat a wide range of cosmetic issues on the face and hands, including diminished volume, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Several companies make fillers, and each has its unique formulations, which are useful for treating distinct problems in separate areas of the face. This is a minimally invasive, injectable cosmetic treatment performed as an outpatient procedure in the comfort of your provider’s office and requires minimal downtime. While both can improve the face’s overall appearance, they achieve this in different ways.

The advantages of this treatment include:

  • Improves shallow contours
  • Softens facial wrinkles and creases
  • Erases scars
  • Restructures contour deformities
  • Smooths lines near the nose and mouth (also called marionette and smile lines)
  • Plumps the volume of sunken cheeks

Why Choose Us?

We offer Dermal Filler treatment that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and goals. We promise that our services will make you feel rejuvenated and fall in love with your skin and all you’ll do is smile! At Royal Wellness Clinic, we believe in a partnership with the patient to assist them in making informed decisions about their needs. Each treatment plan is customized to every patient’s individual needs. Come visit us for a consultation and learn the benefits of these injections.

Price : $650/syringe

The Treatment


Dermal Fillers are primarily used to rejuvenate the skin and add volume and fullness to various face areas. Different brands and types of fillers are made of varying ingredients, including Radiesse and Juvéderm. Each of these fillers is designed to treat symptoms of aging or other cosmetic issues. On average, treatment takes approximately 45-60 minutes. By filling in some regions of the face, we can contour and create the visage you’ve always dreamed of. Over time, Dermal Fillers are slowly absorbed by the body, and most last anywhere from 6 to 24 months. Touchups may be needed every 6-9 months.


We treat facial areas, including the lips, cheeks, and marionette lines.

You’ll see volumized and softer skin on the same day of treatment. The results will improve for one week after the injection.

The results will generally last for six to twenty-four months. The longevity depends on the filler type and the injected area.

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