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Our Telemedicine program at Royal Wellness Clinic in Webster, TX, offers quality healthcare right at your fingertips. With just a click on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can consult our experienced Nurse Practitioners for a variety of medical conditions. And the best part? It’s only $59 per visit. Why Choose Royal Wellness Clinic for […]

Sports Physicals

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Our sports physicals are tailored for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to guarantee peak physical condition. The comprehensive evaluation covers your musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular health, and other vital checks such as flexibility and reflex tests. Our objective is to confirm your fitness for athletic activities and to assist you in safely reaching your performance goals. Royal […]

EKG (Electrocardiogram)

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Heart health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and we take it seriously at Royal Wellness Clinic. We offer EKG tests as part of our diagnostic services to monitor your heart’s electrical activity. This test is essential for diagnosing any irregularities and creating a baseline record for future reference. Our state-of-the-art EKG machines provide […]

Comprehensive Exam

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For those looking for a complete health check-up, our comprehensive exams are the perfect solution. These exams are designed to be all-encompassing and include a full-body assessment, blood tests, and other diagnostic procedures such as X-rays or ultrasounds. The goal is to give you an overall picture of your health, identify any areas of concern, […]

Work Clearance

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If your job requires you to be in optimal health, Royal Wellness Clinic offers specialized work clearance exams. These exams go beyond a basic health check-up; they assess your general health, mental well-being, and physical capabilities to ensure you are fit to perform your job responsibilities effectively. We aim to provide employers and employees with […]

Pre-Operative Clearance Physicals

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Before undergoing any surgical procedure, it’s crucial to ensure that you are physically fit for the operation. Our pre-operative clearance physicals at Royal Wellness Clinic are comprehensive and meticulous. They include a thorough evaluation of your medical history, vital signs, and other necessary tests such as blood work and imaging studies. This in-depth assessment is […]

Weight Management

Weight-Management in Webster, Tx | Royal Wellness Clinic

As obesity has become increasingly more common in the U.S. in the past few decades, many physicians and clinics around the country are focused on providing a medically supervised weight-loss program. Through our specialized programs, we’re able to help patients overcome obesity in a healthy, safe way. Our providers use a complete strategy to develop […]

Low testosterone (Low-T) Webster, TX

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Low testosterone (Low-T) is a common hormonal condition that can affect men of all ages. At Royal Wellness Clinic in Webster, TX, we specialize in providing effective and personalized treatments for Low-T. Our comprehensive approach focuses on boosting testosterone levels to optimize your health and well-being. By administering testosterone replacement therapy, we help restore your […]

IV Nutritional Drips

Iv-Nutrient Therapy in Webster, Tx | Royal Wellness Clinic

Royal Beautifier (Glow) Formulated to help generate a healthy glow by tightening and brightening your skin, hair, and nails giving you a more youthful appearance Price : $180 walk-in, $576 Package of 4  ($144 savings) Includes High dose of vitamin C   Glutathione Electrolytes 500 CC hydrating fluids         Boost Results With L- Carnitine   B […]

IV Therapy

Iv-Nutrient Therapy in Webster, Tx | Royal Wellness Clinic

Royal Wellness Clinic has compiled well-researched intravenous ingredients to help enhance your performance and recovery and enrich your everyday life. Our providers customize your drips to your needs. Whether your needs are reparative or preventive in nature, IV Therapy is the only procedure that ensures up to 100% of its nutrients are absorbed. IV nutrition […]

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